Articles on how to find a record/publishing deal, working on craft, live performance, music exams and many other music related topics.

How I Got Signed

What Makes a Sought After Singer?

How to Make It Without the X Factor

I Sing but I Don’t Play… How Do I Get Gigs?

How Unsigned Musicians Can Make Money from Music

Summer 2015 Music Challenge

Marketing Your Music

Are You Getting the Airplay You Deserve?

How to Be Seen as a Professional Musician

When Your Music Life Is a Bit Like Dating

How I Became Self Employed with Rheumatoid Arthritis

So You Want to Turn Your Musical Talent to Teaching?

Slimeballs and Scammers: Staying Safe in the Music Industry

Evaluating Your Songwriting

How to Have Your Music Licensed

Kick Start Your Music Career: 7 Day Challenge

How to Make a Cool Music Video for Free

Applying and Auditioning for TV Talent Shows

The Song from Scratch Challenge

Creating Vocal Harmonies 

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