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Online music courses are the most cost effective way to meet your goals in music.


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Do you want to get professional bookings as a singer? Learn how to become a recording artist? Write songs that get published? Advance your music career by studying with a critically acclaimed singer and songwriter.

Whether you want to get a publishing deal, a record contract or sing karaoke with your friends, my online courses can help you meet your goals. I will be on hand to offer support via email, and you can send me videos and mp3s at any time for feedback. You get to keep the videos and downloadable resources for good, so you can revisit them at any time. They contain practical exercises and downloadable PDFs. This makes learning online flexible, cost effective, personalised and actionable. You can purchase individual courses or choose a membership plan.

Courses are available in

  • Singing
  • Advanced Singing
  • Songwriting
  • Lyric Writing
  • Music Publishing and How to Find Placements for Your Music
  • Making Money from Music
  • Piano 
  • Music Theatre Vocal Skills
  • Selling Digital Content for Musicians
  • Making and Selling Online Courses

There are also audio courses and challenges available in the school curriculum.

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Full press for my courses is available at the links above.

“Eve Williams. Her calm manner and seasoned knowledge of the music industry make her one of my favorite online vocal coaches….

Williams has experience in working with some extremely tough cases. For example, she has taught people coming right out of vocal surgery. Helping them get their voices to what they were before. She has also helped people with overcoming a debilitating performance-anxiety. 

These examples should be proof of the fact that becoming a better singer is possible for almost everyone.”




This course was fabulous. I’ve been taking many of the songwriting courses. Many are good, some are excellent, and some are just not overly helpful. But Eve’s course is one of the excellent courses. I highly recommend that you purchase her course and you will definitely come away having learned a great deal. And you’ll have fun going through the course. Well, at least I found it a wonderful value. Cheers my fellow songwriters.

– Gary, student

Great course. Love the wire framing structure for songwriting. Loved that you talked about the business of songwriting a little too and how to deal with people in a professional way when songwriting. I even came up with a hook for a new song while watching one of your lectures. Excited to put this knowledge into practice. Thank you!

– Pat, student

‘This course is INCREDIBLE ! I got what I needed ! Eve Williams is by far one of the best singing teachers that I have encountered. After joining the singing course, the 2nd day I got breakthrough in the high notes, in the 3rd day my singing range increased and had more power and started to manage different styles of singing’

Keith, student

‘Eve Williams is by far one of the best singing teachers that I have encountered in this platform. She is straight to the point, engaging and experienced. I found the tips and techniques taught to be helpful in improving my voice range and singing well.’

Aderonkje, student

‘A caring tutor who demonstrates herself that she knows what she is teaching us!’ 

Susie, student

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