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The Art and Business of a Songwriter

Do you want to become a professional songwriter? Do you want to get your music out there to a wider audience or to find a publishing deal? Do you just need the motivation to get started?

In this book you will find a mixture of practical tasks, personal stories, business information and guidance on the craft of songwriting to give you a solid grounding in the art and business of a songwriter.

You will discover

  • How to write lyrics that emotionally engage listeners
  • How to write hooks that make your songs unforgettable
  • How to craft strong melodies that people are going to want to sing
  • How to start out with Digital Audio Workstations and producing your own music
  • How to market your music and build your following on and offline
  • How and when to find a music publisher
  • How to find cowriters and how to create successful cowrites
  • What the lifestyle of a professional songwriter is really like

Available on Kindle here.


Free Lyric Writing Guide


lyrics cover


Do you struggle with writing lyrics? Or do you love it and want to get better? This free resource will show you how professional songwriters approach lyric writing.

Get your copy here.


My Crazy Life…

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My Crazy Life… From Chronic Illness to Commercial Songwriting

So, are you looking for a bit of a turnaround? This is the story of how after many years of failed treatments for a debilitating disease, I started living the dream.

‘This book will save you years of pain and therapy’ Celtic Music Fan

Click here for singing lessons Belfast.

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