From what age do you teach students?

A really good age to start singing is 7. Before that a child’s larynx is often not well developed enough for them to be able to control the sound which is why children can be a little pitchy. They can be taught rhythm, melody and other aspects of musicality basically from birth.

If you are a teenager or adult learner, don’t worry about missing the boat! It’s never too late to start vocal coaching.

There is really no upper age limit to lessons. My eldest student is 102!

Which styles of music do you teach?

I teach whatever style of music you want to sing! My tagline is ‘find your unique voice’ because I want you to sound like the best version of you. Many teachers in Northern Ireland specialise exclusively in a classical style. I can certainly help you if you love classical music having sung in the Philharmonic and undertaken classical exams myself, but my degree is in commercial music and I have experience as a recording artist in pop, country, folk, EDM and music theatre. I have also taught people safe heavy metal vocalisation. The methods of singing in which I have trained allow you to learn the techniques associated with different styles of music, which you can then use to make the sound you want.

Can I do exams?

If you would like to enter for exams, I teach Rock and Pop, Musical Theatre and Classical Exams. I use both London College of Music and Trinity exam boards and teach from basic grades right up to higher diploma (ALCM and FLCM) level. I have a 100% pass rate and most of my students obtain distinctions and merits.

I also appreciate that not everyone wants to do exams and work towards other goals with some students, such as recording a demo or putting together a live set.

Do you record students?

I run Pro Tools with SE condenser mics so you can experience a professional recording experience. At present, plans for my purpose built recording studio have just been approved.

I encourage all students to record as it gives you a record of the development of your voice. If you are a professional or aspiring professional singer, I can help you create a demo to pitch for live and publishing work. Songwriting students receive a portfolio of their work.

I have been privileged to help students make recordings for use as presents for loved ones and for weddings and other events. I am happy to take bookings for this purpose.

You can hear a selection of recordings of my students here.

What if I’m terrified?

I don’t do Simon Cowell remarks and I specialise in getting people out of their comfort zones whilst never making them uncomfortable. Music has to be about enjoyment so being scary just isn’t part of the role for me. I get many students who have had a bad experience in the past, perhaps some silly throw away remark back in your school days left an impression. Maybe you are unsure of your voice at the moment. Never fear, there’s nothing I haven’t heard and I’ve had the right training to help with everything from confidence issues to illnesses that affect the voice.

Do you teach people with special needs?

I have worked for Mencap and for a brain injury charity. I have students with ASD, mental health issues, MS… whatever your needs, we’ll find a way to make it work for you. Just let me know what you need to adapt. For example, for students with dyslexia I can provide lyric sheets instead of sheet music. For students on mental health medications, I can arrange lessons and exams in the afternoon where medication in the morning may affect their ability to sing. There is no one size fits all approach to learning to sing. All my students are individuals.

I provide lessons at a reduced cost for people on disability benefits. Please don’t feel embarrassed to ask me about this. I want to make taking part in music as accessible as I can, and music is great for people with painful conditions or anxiety and depression as it releases endorphins that counter some of the symptoms of these conditions. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and it definitely helps me.

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost £15 per half hour or £30 per hour with concessionary rates of £12.50 per half hour or £25 per hour for people in receipt of disability benefits.

Half hour lessons are recommended for children and beginners. Hour long lessons normally suit people who are studying for advanced grades or diplomas or aiming for a professional career. Occasionally students may wish to come for an hour every fortnight instead of half an hour every week.

What is the difference between Skype and in person lessons?

Skype students receive all the same benefits as in person students, including sheet music etc. The only difference is that I cannot record via Skype, although if a student has access to recording facilities I am happy to mix WAV files of their singing.

To attend lessons via Skype it’s essential to have stable broadband.

Click here for more information.

How do your online courses work?

Online learning is a great option for people who are pushed for time or want to learn in the privacy of their own homes. I have online courses in singing (beginners, advanced and music theatre), piano and music business. Each course is between 30 and 100 videos long, of roughly 5 minutes per video. For a one off payment of between £15 and £45 you get to keep the course indefinitely. Courses also come with downloadable PDF and mp3 resources. You can also subscribe to my school at a monthly rate of £7.20 to access all my courses. All online students are eligible for email and/or Skype support from me and can send mp3s or videos for feedback.

For a full range of courses, click here.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers to the value of your choice are available both as printed cards or e-vouchers. Simply email me and let me know your requirements.

Do you do workshops?

I run workshops and events throughout the year. I have been involved in The Soma Festival, The C.S. Lewis Festival, The Spectrum Centre, Sea Bangor and many other events. To book a singing or songwriting workshop, please email me.

To book a live performance, visit www.evewilliamsmusic.com .

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

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