Online Courses and Lessons

vWe are pleased  to offer online and distance learning options, including Udemy approved courses and Skype lessons.

Skype Lessons

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Learn singing or songwriting or receive music business mentoring from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a secure and stable broadband connection and Skype. We recommend using a tablet or computer as a phone screen is a little fiddly to operate. Lessons take the same format as in person lessons and handouts, videos etc. are sent as attachments via Skype so you have all the same materials as students who attend the Bangor studio.

Skype lessons cost £12.50 per half hour or £25 per hour and are paid for via PayPal or direct debit.

You can book four half hour lessons or two hour long lessons using the button below.

For more information please feel free to send us a message. 



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Udemy Courses


Singing Course

Udemy is a great online learning resource. It has a rigorous quality assurance system so we are proud to have our courses featured on the site. At present we are offering a 12 video singing course full of practical exercises on topics such as:

  • Breathing
  • Range
  • Projection
  • Voice qualities (the right sounds for different styles of music)
  • Diction
  • Posture
  • Looking after your voice

The course costs £20 but if you click here you can buy it for only £15. Here is a sample video:


Songwriting Course

We also offer a 38 video Songwriting Course via Udemy. The course looks at both craft and business aspects of being a songwriter. Topics covered include:

  • Writing lyrics
  • Writing melodies
  • Crafting hooks
  • Songforms
  • An introduction to audio production
  • Evaluating the commercial potential of your music
  • Types of publishers and publishing deals
  • Finding a publisher
  • Marketing your music and building a professional reputation

The course costs £50 although a limited number of discount coupons are available for £15. Just type in WRITESONGS in the ‘Got a coupon?’ box.

Sign up here or watch the sample videos below.



How to Make Money from Music

This 3 hour video course includes 5 articles and 6 downloadable resources to help you make money from concurrent income streams within the music industry including

  • Music Publishing
  • Music Licensing
  • Live Performance
  • Session Work
  • Selling CDs and Merchandise
  • Teaching Music

We will look at the going rate for each stream and how to ensure you are paid fairly as well as which organisations to join for royalty collection and for ongoing professional development, advice and support. We will also looking at writing a business plan for your music business.

The course is normally priced at £40 but is available here for £10.99.

Here is a sample video.



How to Start and Run a Music Teaching Business

Have you been thinking about starting to teach music? This 2 hour  course with downloadable materials will give you some practical information about how to get started or how to grow your business. We look at

  • Teaching methods
  • What you will need to have in place before your start
  • Terms and conditions
  • Payment and Booking
  • Different organisations who look for music tuition
  • Teaching privately versus teaching in music schools
  • Promoting your business on and offline


The course is normally £29.99 but you can purchase if for only £10.99 here.

You can preview the course here or watch the video below.