Nursing Home Programme

Golden Moments Music for Seniors

Music is great whatever age you are, but for older people and people with dementia it has some especially great benefits. When our short term memory is affected, music stimulates the long term memory. For people with Alzheimer’s, it is the last part of the brain to be affected. Music makes people feel secure as the tunes are familiar, and it helps them connect with important moments in their lives.

Music also provides social interaction, physical relaxation, it works the lungs and it’s fun!

We can provide the following services in residential and nursing homes:

  • Performances by Eve Williams (voice and piano), Paula Matthews (voice and guitar) or from our young singers, aged 8-12.
  • Sing-a-longs and community singing. Repertoire includes show tunes, Irish music, hymn tunes, hits from the Blitz, Elvis, ABBA… whatever the residents would like to sing!
  • Reminiscent singing and poetry with qualified social worker, Paula Matthews
  • Creative writing with Paula Matthews

Sessions cost £32.50 per hour.

For more information email us or call 07816 978608.

Click here for singing lessons Belfast.


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