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Check out our events which include workshops, courses, masterclasses and concerts. Worskshops are free to students and mentoring progarmme members.

Coming up in September and October

  • Songwriters’ Circle
  • Find Your Voice worskhop
  • Songwriting 101
  • Fixing Common Vocal Problems
  • Lyric Writing 101

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Monthly Songwriters’ Circle

The Songwriters’ Circle is an absolutely lovely bunch of people who meet via Zoom on the first u of every month at 7.30 PM UK time. You can play a song live or via screen share, give and receive feedback or just enjoy the gig. It’ completely free. Just sign up to the mailing list for more information, sign in details etc.

Find Your Voice: Zoom Singing Workshop 24th September 2021 at 4pm UK time

Would you like to get to know your voice? It’s pitch, it’s range, how to use it safely and efficiently?

Whether you are a pro voice user (singer, teacher, call centre operative etc.), a veteran singer or a total novice to the concept of vocie training, in this one hour workshop you will get to know and control your sound and learn some techniques which will help you to both sing and speak better.

My vocal workshop is based on training in anatomy of voice and the methods I use are endorsed by ENT surgeons (who sometimes send me post-operative patients for singign elssons). I have worked with professional singers from shows liek The Voice and the X Factor, recording artists, people with illnesses of the voice, children, centagenarians…. basically every kind of voice and every kind of music since I started vocal coaching in 2005. I am also an award winning singer and songwriter myself.

You can come along via Zoom and if you are a little shy it is fine to mute, but you can sing for us if you liek and we would love to hear you in the workshop.

Your voice is a beautiful instrument, a connection to the world and it is uniquely yours. I am looking forward to hearing it!

SIGN UP HERE (Cost £5.50 or free to students and mentoring members)

Songwriting 101 8th October 2021 at 4pm UK time

Mature songwriting’ -The Musician Magazine

‘Songwriting is clearly her strength’ – Maverick Country

Do you want to learn to craft a song the way published songwriters do?

Whether you have been writign for years or are a total novice, this workshop will set you up with the techniques that help you connect on meaningful level with your listeners and make publishers pay attention.

We will look at

  • Finding a unique idea
  • Crafting lyrics
  • Creating melodies
  • Creating hooks

As an award winning songwriter with a Master’s degree in songwriting, I am able to share with you how the pros craft songs and how I got my songs placed in TV, ads and documentaries as well as recorded by prolific artists.

This workshop is going to be fun!

SIGN UP HERE. (Cot £5, free to students and mentoring members)

Fixing Common Vocal Problems 15th October 2021 at 4pm UK time

‘I’ve learned more with Eve in one lesson than I have in the past 5 years’ – Becky, student

Do you have any issues with your voice? Tightness when you sing? Or maybe you have lost a little range or want to improve your pitch, for example?

In this interactive workshop we will look at soem common vocal issues and you can ask for advice on any problems you may be experiencing with your voice. There will be practical exercises to do and information to help you acheive optimal tonation, i.e. get your voice running at its best.

Since 2005 I have worked with people with everything from breathing and support issues to partial removal of the larynx due to cancer. There are fixes and workaroudns for most things but some issues may require medical attention.

If you have an irksome singing issue, come along and find out a bit about how your voice works.

SIGN UP HERE. (Cost £5. Free to students and mentoring members).

Lyric Writing 101 22nd October at 4pm UK time

‘Eve has established herself as a sophisticated artist known for her powerful toplines and movng lyrics’ – The Musician Magazine

‘Songwriting is clearly her strength’ – Maverick Country

Do you want to write lyrics that really make a connection with your listeners? Would you like to learn some pro lyric writing teachniques? Then come along and join me in this interactive workshop and bring a notebook.

We are going ti look at things like

  • Writing lyrics that scan to music
  • Songforms
  • Images and metaphors
  • Telling a story: lyrical progression
  • Characterisation

You can also get feedback on your existing work although we will be writing new lyrics in the class.

If you struggle with lyrics or you love them, this workshop is going to give you some solid techniques to work with.

SIGN UP HERE. (Cost £5 or free to students and mentoring members).

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