Free Consultations

Would you like to find out what singing or songwriting lessons are like? We regularly hold free 20 minute consultations at the Bangor studio or on Skype at evewilliamsmusic . This gives you a chance to discuss how we can help you reach your musical goals. If you’re interested just click here and write ‘free consultation’ in the subject box.

You can also send songs to for our free song evaluation service. You can send souncloud and YouTube links or mp3s for a detailed report looking at form/structure, hooks, lyric, melody and marketability.

‘Very insightful, informative, and knowledgeable. I really appreciate it. You critiqued my song with professionalism. You told me what you feel it needs and also what you thought was good in it. Thanks again very much. It helped alot!’ – Frank via Linkedin


Due to recent huge demand for the song evaluation service we will be offering the service on specific dates throughout the year. Please sign up for our song critique mailing list if you would like updated on dates to send your songs.


7 thoughts on “Free Consultations

  1. Anne Marie McGarrity May 25, 2015 — 3:56 pm

    hi, would be interested in a free consultation and having some songs critiqued. I’m a songwriter (not a singer) but I sing my own songs for now. look forward to hearing from you. Anne-Marie


    1. Great, Anne Marie. Just drop me an
      email to and we’ll arrange a time.


  2. Hey there! I’m a singer/songwriter, currently about to release a record. I’ve never had professional advice before on songwriting, or worked with an accomplished producer. I would love to share some of my current songs with you for evaluation. I’m always looking to develop more as an artist and learn as much as I can to better my craft. Thanks so much!


  3. Morning Eve , could you go to, also ITUNES etc….. The album is SOMEWHERE THERES A SOMEONE.tell me what you think.thank you Eve and have a great day.tony Russo


  4. This sounds great. I will submit a song or two from my artist (singer/songwriter), Jenna Glatt ( Her SoundCloud link is:
    Appreciate listens/comments!


  5. hi are you still serving customers after the pandemic?

    looking forward to your response, thanks!



    1. Yes indeed, Jay! I’m working via Zoom and Skype at present.


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